Order Info + MOQs

Minimum Order Quantity

Our goal is to keep SHE WHO IS as accessible as possible for any retailer who wants to carry it. To do this, we have low order minimums. You can order one of two ways.

Way #1: By the pack

Our lowest MOQ is as little as one pack. Accessories, hats, and jewlery come in a 3 pack, while clothing items come in a 6 pack depending on your preference. You can select whichever sizing you would like to fill your pack as long as you have 6-8 pieces of the same style and color in your cart.

Most common clothing packs ordered are: 2S-2M-2L, 1S-2M-2L-1XL

As long as you have at least six of one style/color, you can add as many after six in whichever sizes you would like. Because our website is not set up to automatically input packs, you will need to add the appropriate quantities to your cart. We reserve the right to change or cancel an order if you checkout without a full pack.

Way #2: $200 Minimum open pack

This option is great for smaller boutiques that do not want to assume a ton of inventory in one style. This allows you to mix and match whichever items, colors, and sizes you would like, as long as you spend at least $200 for your total order.


Turnaround Time

All wholesale orders are made to order and will take 3 weeks to ship from the point of payment. This turnaround time may be shorter for accessories, but always assume it will be around 3 weeks before your order ships. If you are needing something urgently, please email wholesale@shewhoisapparel.com to see if we can provide a more immediate ship on your order.


Account Info

To place an order, you will need to sign up for an account on our website. You will need to provide a valid resale permit when you first create your account. Every time you order after this, you can log in to your account to keep track of past order history. 


Other General Info

Not all items on our retail site are available for wholesale purchase. Our wholesale website does not record inventory levels, and we reserve the right to cancel orders that are not able to be filled.